Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunglasses a.k.a Shades

Situation : Laying on my comfort zone while drinking hot hazelnut chocolate with oreo cookies, haaaahh!! what a lovely nightlife!! Smiling like a dog with two tails.. :) yeah!! I'm extremely happy today, as usual i will filled up my day to meet my gorgeous BFFnE! just to talk about our daily life, new hot topics happen all around the world and the most important discussion is FASHION!

Today topic is sunglasses. Shades and sunglasses are a form of protective eyewear to prevent bright sunlight or any kind of high-energy visible light from discomforting eyes, which is people often used in a sunny day, yeah! a real sunny day, but when it comes to trend, people nowadays always use sunglasses as to complete their style or look on that day. No matter if it on the cloudy day or worst wear shades inside the mall.. Obviously, if you are a famous celebrity that you don't want peoples recognize you while shopping, then, i saw it relevant, because wearing shades will disguise their identities, but I don't think its a must.. OMG! are you blind or something? 

While we talking, gossiping, and walking all over the mall, we saw a lot of guys wearing varieties of shades, and then i was like "where is the sun?, yeah! I mean where is the sun inside this mall?? okay la, let's look in a positive way, maybe they have a medical reason, and its called photophobia, photophobia is caused when peoples are discomfort of bright light in the head or eyes, but, this often occurs to older people, so, what is the reason when young teenagers wear shades inside the mall? haha.. c'mon golding, think positive!! yeah think positive!!
Okay, enough about gossiping, :) let's look on the fashion of sunglasses.. there are varieties of shades in this world, for example teashades, wayfarers, shutter shades, oversized sunglasses, aviator sunglasses and a few more.. these are those shades..


So cool and vintage! heart it!
Shutter Shades
Boleh lah!!

Oversized Sunglasses
Design specially for women, but its still gorgeous if  we men wear it.

Aviator Sunglasses
So cool!!

From all these shades, i have few collections only, i love so much my wayfarers which is from RayBan.. My Aviator Sunglasses, i would rather die than don't have this in my collection. :) 
To all the bloggers, you guys should have these shades at least one. It is a must have in your bag.. :)

Peace, XOXO!