Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's All About theBushes Golding!

situation : at my own room, just tidy my closet up.. feel bad because i don't even have a new shirt for a year.. Omagash!! and feel terrible when think about myself...

i like fashion so much... i love everything about fashion, new line, new brands, new design, vintage, oldies blar blar blar... until the most superboomboombish thing that i like, SHOES! yeah shoes, heels, wages, platform, sandal and so much more.. i really heart it!!

my own dream is i would like to design, to create, to market my own line of shoes... just like what Dato' Jimmy Choo did... but but but, i don't know where to start.. poor me!! but for now, i have something that i wanna show, something that really make me WOW! and i can't even bear about it.. enjoy pals!!

a new edition of Jimmy Choo, red Cosmic with 4.8".. WOW!

a new Decoy with 4.8" from Jimmy Choo too.. heart it!!

versace blue peep-toe!! ding ding ding!! wow!

the last is, from Sam Edelman : Wyonna.. gorgeous isn't it? ehehe.. just for the sophisticated woman like kate reed in fairly legal... hahhaha... adore her...

i think its time to me go to sleep... tomorrow is working day.. ooo monday blues!!
looking for a new job.. wanna find new experience in this industry... where shoes is all around me... SHoes Shoes shoes!!

nite pals,
-azwan golding-